Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Bottom Line

Dave is interviewing with Dr. Rohm, the head of the music department at Cornell.

Dr. Rohm: Well, David, I'd be glad to have you as an adjunct professor. I'm sure you can do the job.

Dave: Great.

Dr. Rohm: But I don't think you really want the job. Not if you have any sense.

Dave: Huh?

Dr: Rohm: Look, do you know what being an adjunct professor pays?

Dave: Well, it doesn't have to be much. My needs are pretty...

Dr. Rohm: The job pays $1500 a semester.


Dave: $1500 a semester.

Dr. Rohm: Yes.

Dave: $500 a month.

Dr. Rohm: Yes.

Dave: $125 a week.

Dr. Rohm: You should teach math.

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