Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Strip is Dead, Long Live the Novel!

Hi, all.

As those of you who follow this strip may have noticed, it's not really a strip anymore. It's all prose.

I seem to have run out of what meager drawing ability I had in the first place. There were a few months there, a couple years back, when I was turning out drawings that actually pleased me. But that was a long time ago, and I can't seem to get my drawing mojo back.

Therefore, Slouching Toward Bohemia, the comic strip, is done -- until such time as I get another surge of illustrating ability, or I find an illustrator to work with me.

In the meantime, Slouching Toward Bohemia, the novel, is off to a great start.

You can read the results so far, here.

The novel mostly follows the story arc of the strip. At the moment, I've gotten up to the point just before Joi creates her startup. In the strip, that would be somewhere between here and here.

OF course, I have all of those episodes that were written as prose or scripts, later in the story; I should be able to incorporate them into the novel, with some edits.

Anyway, thanks so much to the dozen or so of you who have followed the strip over the last few years. Beyond that core of friends and relatives, I'm not sure what accounts for the thousands of page-views I've racked up. Maybe I've got a few other fans out there I'm not aware of.

This was a fun project, and I'm enjoying writing about these characters in novel form. I've been able to include so much internal-monologue and other details; I feel like the characters, the setting, and the story are finally getting fleshed out.

Best to everyone,


P.S. -- of this is your first visit to the site, or you want to go back through it, the first episode can be found here.