Saturday, May 21, 2011

Are You Fucking Insane?


  1. Just for the record, though this strip is autobiographical, Sara was already sixteen when we became lovers (briefly, I'm sad to say). Just to be, you know absolutely clear. Megan's law and all.

    1. In High School, my boyfriend and I came up with "Love is not just blind. Love is deaf, dumb, blind, retarded, and quadriplegic". Interesting, then, that later in life, I chose a career as a massage therapist, and he as an acupuncturist. Were we perhaps trying to heal from love, or maybe to heal love itself? We were all about seeking clarity. He is the person who turned me onto Wayne Dyer's "Your Erroneous Zones" and Zen Martial Arts. I keep coming across the phrase (in television shows) 'The heart wants what the heart wants". Love is blind - so we don't see the faults in our lovers, or the errors in our choices, but that can be either good or bad, or both simultaneously. Choosing love even though two people don't really seem to be cut out for each other can lead to expanding our understanding of others and ourselves, and/or it can lead to a lot of pain once the "Honeymoon Phase" of early infatuation ends, and the veil lifts, and we end up feeling so foolish for being suckered in to love's deceptiveness (yet again).

  2. I dont think Sara minds. lol