Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Holly

Later that afternoon. Back in Dave and Danielle's dome home. They and Holly are sitting around the kitchen table.

Holly: And you're sure it's OK if I stay over the weekend? I don't want to impose.

Dave: Are you kidding, this is great. We'll hang out, actually talk and get caught up instead of cuddling silently the whole time. Really get to know each other again.

Holly: Are you sure you want to hear my entire story? It isn't suddenly all sweetness and light after I offed my dad.

Dave: I want to hear everything. And I can tell you all my horror stories for comic relief.

Danielle: They mostly involve romantic train wrecks.

Holly: All right then. Let the floodgates open.

Dave: OK, but first, sustenance. We never did actually eat anything at the picnic.

Holly: It's OK, I'm not hungry.

Danielle: But you haven't eaten since you got here. Maybe a little snack?

Holly: No, really, thanks, but I'm not a big eater.

Dave: I'll say so. You're thin as a rail. I didn't want to say anything before, when we were cuddling, but I'm a little worried. You can't be 100 pounds soaking wet - and you're taller than me.

Holly: Look, guys, I really don't want to discuss it.

Danielle: But...

Holly: Seriously, back off.

Dave: OK, but Dani and I are going to eat; can you stand the peer pressure?

Holly: I'll be fine. Where's the bathroom?

Danielle: Second door on the right.

Holly excuses herself.

Danielle: Oh boy.

Dave: What?

Danielle: Anorexia. Bulimia. Very common in women who have been sexually abused. She's starving herself. I can see her ribs through her blouse.

Dave: You're sure?

Danielle: Well, I'm not a psychiatrist or anything. But the woman is gaunt. You described her as very athletic as a kid; Now I don't think she could do a cartwheel without passing out. As it is, I think she went to the bathroom to puke.

Dave: (stricken) Dammit. Dammit dammit dammit. I should have known all of that happy talk was just that. What do we do?

Danielle: I don't know. Look for a treatment facility, convince her to go? Get her to a meeting? We don't know her well enough long enough to carry off an intervention. We should call Liz later and ask her what she thinks.

(she thinks for a moment)

I don't think there's anything we can do right now, so we have to let it be.

Holly returns from the bathroom.

Holly: My ears are burning.

Dave: Well, who else are we going to talk about?

Holly: I don't know. Liz? I know she gave you a hard time, but what do you think? I told her I would marry her if she proposes, which she's still planning to do. Am I crazy?

Dave: I can't tell. I only saw her pissed off, jealous side. I'm sure there's more to her.

Holly: There sure is. She's brilliant, over-educated, opinionated, very sweet when she's not being all territorial. She sings and plays guitar. Really well. We met at a coffee house near the university. I took a Bachelor's in Biology and teach high school; she's working on her PhD in immunology.

Danielle: (whistles) Whoa. That's about as intense a discipline as there is. I am definitely experiencing new-found respect for the woman.

Holly: Yeah, she really is amazing. I'm sorry you only got to see one side of her.

Dave: Hey, you love her, that's good enough for me.

Dave and Danielle: (raising glasses)  To Liz!

Holly: To Liz!

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